Mooring an Aerator or Fountain

Mooring is most often used in smaller ponds, but is not limited to them. After determining a suitable location for your Otterbine, secure your first mooring point using either a wooden stake, rebar, or duckbill anchor. (The duckbill anchor will allow your mooring lines to be virtually unnoticeable as they will be hidden underneath the water surface.) Attach the mooring lines to opposite holes in the outer edge of the float. (Otterbine recommends the use of polypropylene rope or stainless steel cable for your mooring lines.) 


Launch your aerator or fountain into the water and walk one mooring line around to the other side of the pond and pull your Otterbine into your chosen location. Put in the other anchor or stake and tie off the aerator to it, provide some slack in the line to allow for fluctuation in water levels and proper aerator start-up. Mooring is a bit simpler and no boat is needed, making it a prefered method of installation when you need to remove or relocate the aerator on a regular basis.

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